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We only build solid, fast and tested Webites and High Performing Web Applications


Fully Responsive

Today around 10 to 20 percent of your traffic comes from mobile devices, smartphones, tablets... It’s time to keep up with technology. I make fully functional and beautiful websites optimized for mobile devices of all sizes to provide the best experience for your visitors.



Modern browsers will display your website slightly differently, because of the way they understand code. Older browsers don't keep up with the latest innovations in programming languages, like HTML5 and CSS3 as an example. We test all major browsers.


On-site optimization

When coding, there are guidlines set by search engines that every web developer should follow to obtain a properly optimized website. And search engine optimization is the key to long-term traffic. I follow all Google Guidelines and Bing Webmasters Guidelines.


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My Work

Rose's Agency

A well-known domestic staffing agency in the heart of Los Angeles.
rose's agency domestic photo

Nizzed On

The Blog of a Fairy Art Student talking about Art and Glitter
niz from nizzedon fairy


French handmade wool accessories. Original and Trendy!
Abigail from latricoteusefrancaise

Hollywood Historic

Vintage Hotel in the heart of Hollwood on Melrose Avenue.

Coming Soon..
hollywood boulevard

Leopard Limo

Limo in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills...
leopard limo inside


Fashion/Lifestyle Blog build on WordPress with Fully Custom responsive theme
fabulous365 blog

Other Work:

Beau Dunn
Design & Development / SquareSpace

Wedding Band Universe
Design & Development / Magento

Rose's Agency Home Care
Design & Development / HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL

SmartRepairParts (concept only)
Design & Development / HTML/CSS


TheCoolAgency v0.3
Design & Development / HTML/CSS

TheCoolAgency v0.2
Design & Development / HTML/CSS, jQuery

Meet Mr. Cool

jonah web developer

Name: Jonah Madeya
Occupation: Web Developer
Location: Los Angeles, California

“I have had a passion for creating awesome websites and applications for years, I taught myself programming languages such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & MySQL and I keep learning and experimenting with new technologies and tools for the love of it.”

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