My Favorites .php Functions For A Starting Template

Hide the Admin Bar in WordPress Always causing problems during designing ..Let’s get rid of it for good Just add the following line at the end of your ‘functions.php’ add_filter(‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’); Adding a Custom Read More Button add_filter( ‘comment_reply_link’, ‘add_nofollow_to_reply_link’ ); function new_excerpt_more( $more ) { return ‘ ‘ . __(‘Read More’, ‘your-text-domain’) . ”; Read More

The Zero Moment of Truth – Video by thinkinsights

Interesting video explaining how The Zero Moment of Truth changed the traditional 3-step mental model of marketing by adding a step to the buying process. Shopper Sciences conducted a macro study commissioned by Google to understand how shoppers approach decision making. Hope you enjoyed it. Found on Impact Inbound